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Recounting a scene from daily life

Trapping The Kids Before They Wake Mommy

…so one weekend morning, I wanted to run out and get some ingredients to make a nice big breakfast but I needed to ensure Michele Lynn Sequeira could stay sleeping since she worked the evening shift the night before. How to prevent the kids from coming in and waking her up? A honey-trap! In Photo […]

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Anatomy of a Shitty Night’s Sleep

We’re here in Sunriver, Oregon, for a family vacation and, unlike our other vacations here, we are sharing the house with my inlaws and thus Team Sequeira is contained to one room so that we can fit all of us in the house.  It should work fine as we have a full size bed and […]

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My Life, the Fairy-Tale

My life is sometimes a fairy-tale. Unfortunately, that fairy-tale is entitled, “Baldylocks and the Three Boors” … Once upon a time, there was a kindly old soul named Baldylocks and he had three boors. Every morning, Baldylocks woke up to make breakfast for the three boors. The first boor complained, “My oatmeal is TOO HOT […]

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A Perfect Place to Lose Something

…so it’s been a rather unpleasant week with sick (and grouchy) children coupled with an ant problem that required rearranging the house to help address that issue.  With all the disarray, I’ve been misplacing things like my phone, wallet, and computer, which really drives me nuts because I try to be diligent about putting things […]

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I’ll Take Door Number One, Marty

…so it’s a lazy Saturday morning, mama is at work, I’m reading, and the kids are … uh, I don’t know. They’ve been quiet for a while. Too quiet. My daughter had come to my bedroom door a while back saying something about leaving them alone in her room for a while but I couldn’t […]

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Before and After Photos

“Before and After What?”  you might ask.  Let’s just say I was taking a photo of my three beautiful children playing in a park in Hawaii while on vacation.  That’s the “before” photo. I look at the photo on the camera screen and I notice that the lens was fogged up from being in the […]

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Boy, Does HE Know How To Give A Compliment

My kids rave over their Mama.  They sing her praises most days when she’s at work.  As they’ve been getting older, they have also started to gain empathy and one day, my son realized that maybe I might feel left out when they were singing her praises.  After my daughter finished a rousing chorus of […]

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Mama ain’t gonna teach you this

As my daughter gets older she has less use for me in certain instances but today my daughter really needed a Daddy

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That Looks Painful

My two boys, being close in age, have a lot of clothes that look interchangeable, with only a slight difference in size.  This means that they regularly wear each others’ clothes and my older boy will come out in high-water pants while my younger son has pants that drop around his ankles because he’s not […]

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Sometimes It’s a Good Thing

My three year old has zero filter and no control over the volume of his voice; this can quite regularly lead to awkward conversations in public places but not today.

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