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Gotta Work on that Posture

…so we’re just wrapping up a vacation in Hawaii. Sitting on the beach, I knew that, in my mid-forties, I am no longer a bronzed Adonis tantalizing passersby with my amazing physique, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw reflecting back in the mirror upon returning to my hotel room – man-boob […]

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I get the best workouts when I bring my kids to the drop-in-day-care at the gym, primarily because if I stop working out, they give me my kids back

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Stu’s Diet Breakthrough

Hey Parents, here’s a little tip to help shed those unwanted pounds…

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It’s a MAN, baby !

I was feeling good about getting regular exercise (keyword: was) until I took off my shirt to change into workout clothes and my youngest says to me, “I like your boobs”

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Six Pack Abs

I have developed a revolutionary new Ab Workout called “go-to-the-community-pool-and-suck-in-your-gut-for-two-hours”

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