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Mama ain’t gonna teach you this

As my daughter gets older she has less use for me in certain instances but today my daughter really needed a Daddy

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That Looks Painful

My two boys, being close in age, have a lot of clothes that look interchangeable, with only a slight difference in size.  This means that they regularly wear each others’ clothes and my older boy will come out in high-water pants while my younger son has pants that drop around his ankles because he’s not […]

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My Extensive Wardrobe

I used to take pride in dressing sharply. Not any more…

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Perhaps It’s Time To Get Out

As I stood there in my boxers, ironing my wife’s pants for work while belting out some Adele, I thought that perhaps I’ve been a house husband a bit too long.

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Girlie Hairdos

People know it when I do my daughter’s hair because she looks straight out of the 80’s. I suppose it’s because that’s the last time I had hair

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